Northeastern University

Visual Design for Leadership Relations

As a part-time Visual Designer at Northeastern University's Leadership Relations from August 2022 to December 2023, I'm excited to share a selection of my work in this portfolio. Highlighted here are the membership profile video, logos, email campaigns, and conference materials. These projects allowed me to apply my design expertise in a meaningful way, playing a part in enhancing the vibrancy and connectivity of the Northeastern community.

Logo Design

Designed a 10th-anniversary logo for Young Global Leaders, featuring some photos of the members on the logo
Based on the previous design, created an updated logo for the 2023 Northeastern University Global Leadership Summit in Ghana. The new version incorporates global elements, features the updated date and location, and boasts a refreshed layout.

Membership Profile Video

Here is an example video I did for Northeastern University's Young Global Leaders members. With a predefined selection of background music and content, I focused on bringing the material to life through animation, crafting each video to highlight the unique stories and achievements of the leaders. The goal was to provide the members with short, simple, and enjoyable videos (within 1 minute each) for easy sharing within the community.

Conference  Flyer and Booklet

Designed various flyers and booklets for events organized by Leadership Relations