Sexual Violence Prevention Association Graphic & Web Design

Joining the Sexual Violence Prevention Association as a Graphic Design & Web Development Associate was my first experience working in a non-profit organization in the US, and it has been incredibly meaningful to contribute to such an important cause. In this role, I designed intuitive app interfaces (under NDA) and developed engaging web designs to support the organization's online presence. I also created impactful social media posts, compelling presentation slides, T-shirt and bandana designs, professional reports, distinctive letterheads, and clear data visualizations. Each project helped to raise awareness and prevent sexual violence, making a positive impact on our community.

Branding Book Design

Created a comprehensive branding book to enhance design consistency and ease of understanding, featuring the Logo and Wordmark, Color Palette, Typefaces, and Font Usage for Social Media and the Website.

Website News & Press Section Update

I utilized WordPress to update the News & Press section on the Sexual Violence Prevention Association (SVPA) website. The image below showcases the News & Press area, where I implemented the latest updates to ensure the content is current and engaging for visitors.
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Presentation Decks Design

Created three presentation decks with over 90 slides.

Letterhead Design

Report Design

Chart Design

A visual representation illustrating how sexual violence manifests and operates at the individual, institutional, and systemic levels, enhancing clarity and understanding for readers.

Social Media Posts Design

Created over 120 pages of carousel social media posts, published on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.