Northeastern University

Bouvé College of Health Sciences Visual Design

Explore my journey as a part-time Visual Designer at Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences, where my creativity met purpose. This page showcases a diverse designs, from posters and flyers to invitation cards and booklets. It also includes creatively tailored social media posts, impactful TV ads, and table cards, all crafted to vividly communicate the Northeastern and Bouvé College brand essence. Every design in this collection showcases my passion for bringing educational ideas to life with engaging visuals and storytelling, making academic concepts more accessible and visually appealing.

E-Book and Web Call to Action

Unified e-book covers with compelling web advertisement to guide downloads

Academic Flyers

Updated and unified over 40 flyers showcasing Bouvé College's master's and PhD programs

Email Campaign

Designed 10+ email campaigns for student activities or events

Undergraduate Program Guide Booklet

Updated content and unified visuals for an enhanced guide to undergraduate programs

TV Advertisements

Created over 20 TV ads for speeches and events, enhancing viewer engagement


30+ posters designed for invitations, awards, campus activities, lectures, etc.

Postcard and Table Card

Postcards and table cards for the university's fundraising initiatives, including Giving Day events

Social Media Posts

Design Instagram post templates to showcase student experiences and staff highlights