The Second Generation of Ultreon (NDAs)

An advanced AI-enhanced OCT imaging software designed to improve the visualization of coronary arteries and blockages

Project Overview

The second generation of Ultreon has successfully launched and is now available for further details on the Abbott official website.
Explore the Launched Ultreon
Company Introduction
Abbott Laboratories is an American multinational healthcare company headquartered in Illinois. Founded in 1888 by Dr. Wallace Calvin Abbott, it has grown to sell a broad range of medical devices, diagnostics, branded generic medicines, and nutritional products.
Product Description
Ultreon, a sophisticated Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging software developed by Abbott, incorporates artificial intelligence to enhance the visualization of coronary arteries and blockages. This cutting-edge technology represents a significant leap in medical imaging and diagnostics.
My Role
As a UX Design Co-op from July 2022 to January 2023, I focused on upgrading Ultreon from version 1.0 to 2.0. My contributions included enhancing user interface designs and improving user experience, ensuring that the software met the advanced needs of its users effectively. While specifics are confidential due to NDAs, the upgraded software has launched successfully, with more details available on Abbott’s official website.


1. Enjoying Cross-Functional Team Collaboration
As a UX designer, I relish the opportunity to work closely with product managers, developers, and other departments. Collaborating in such cross-functional teams is a fundamental aspect of our success. In different companies, the scope of a UX designer's role can vary from user research and UX design to development. Regardless of which part of the product process I am involved in, I find each aspect equally fascinating and engaging.
2. Communication is the Key
As a UX designer, communication skills are of vital importance. In my collaborations with product managers and developers, clear and constructive dialogue has proven essential for enhancing workflow efficiency and fostering creativity. Going forward, I intend to be more assertive and frequent in my questions and contributions, aiming to boost my confidence and further drive our team's success.
3. Exploring UX Design Across Industries
As a UX designer in both B2B and B2C sectors, I’ve recognized the distinct roles UX plays across different industries. This journey has taught me the importance of adaptability and the value of understanding industry-specific nuances. Moving forward, it highlights the need to align my skills with targeted industries to enhance my impact.
4. Impact of Agile Methodology
My work at Abbott was guided by Agile methodologies, which facilitated a dynamic and responsive work environment. This approach allowed our team to quickly adapt to changes and iterate on feedback, which proved invaluable in meeting project timelines and objectives effectively.

Confidentiality Notice Regarding Project Details

Due to the constraints of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), I am unable to publicly disclose detailed information about this project. I invite you to explore more of my projects. Thank you very much!